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The Company Convening 2015 Annual Working Conference

       On January 21, 2015, the company convened 2015 annual working conference in the meeting room. Almost 40 persons participated in this conference, including all operation and management members, shift leader and advanced individuals.
        On behalf of operation and management staff, Mr. Huo Shengjiu (General Manager) gave an annual work report. Mr. Huo made a comprehensive summary of and an analysis on the company’s production, construction and operation in the past year. Besides, Mr. Huo also deeply unscrambled internal and external environment facing the company in 2015, and arranged the company’s work in 2015 in a systematic way.
        He stressed that the company should focus on the following key words in 2015: “marketing, refining and improvement” of management. Moreover, the company should also make great efforts to develop market, reduce costs and promote brand cultivation, lay more emphasis on overcoming self limitation with clearer train of thought, pay more attention to cooperativity of management planning, problem orientation and responsibility undertaking, and continuously open up a new situation for the company’s development.  
       On the conference, a solemn prize-awarding ceremony was held for “advanced collective and individuals” in 2014. Several representatives of advanced individual made a speech, and expressed their determination of work with more professional and more dedicated quality.